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Welcome to European Studies

Undergraduate Program

The Minor in European Studies allows undergraduates to incorporate, within any other major program, an increased international perspective in their work with a special focus on an understanding of Europe’s identity and role in the world. See the requirements section of the web site for more information. Click here for an advising form.


The European Studies Program is a pedagogical community and research forum for students and scholars at the UO interested in Europe. This program combines the strengths of faculty in the humanities, social sciences, business, law and science to study the current developments in Europe. Our program distinguishes itself from other European Studies programs by its very broad interdisciplinary approach, combining not just the social sciences-principally history, geography, and political science-but other disciplines as well. Our attention to the contemporary situation is enriched by a deep sense of history extending back even to classical antiquity. We believe that in the European Union we have the opportunity to study the progress of a great social experiment in all its lived reality, and that our students will be able to consider the interaction of the full range of human forces combing to create 21st century Europe.

“The Widest Europe”

Consistent with our mission, “Europe” is here understood in the broadest conceptual and regional sense, including the variety of territories, cultures, and political units of the region Europe, as well as the several topical themes, constructs, and experiences of Europe, considered both historically and in contemporary settings. The program seeks to elicit new interest and perspectives on Europe in a manner consistent with the individual student’s needs, career goals, and intellectual and personal pursuits. Individual advising by a European studies advisor is therefore essential early in the student’s program planning.


In addition to many invited speakers and conferences that are open to the UO community, the European Studies program supports and trains our annual delegation to the Model European Union simulation at the University of Washington. Team members are selected competitively each year (usually in December or January), based on knowledge of Europe and the EU. They work with the UO faculty to prepare for the simulation, and are given an expense-paid trip to Seattle (usually in April).